Serving Columbia, SC and surrounding communities!  Sweetgrass Home  Staging offers a 10% discount to our  great military!  

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Staging your home is one of the BEST ways to wow buyers and make the most money on the sale of your home!

What We Do

Staging a home is essential for discerning buyers!

Staging is arranging each room or space to give it the utmost appeal to the most buyers! ~ Which helps homeowners sell their property more quickly and for more money! 

To THE LEFT: Help your investment property stand out by staging it! This room now looks like a finished product. Now buyers can see a vision and function for the space!   

Complimentary consultations up to 10 miles from Irmo

Any home that competes with new homes needs to look as good as a new home. Even if your home is furnished, it doesn't mean that your furniture placement is the most visually appealing. And by all means, please don't put a vacant home on the market - most buyers have little imagination when it comes to furniture placement. Staging allows buyer to SEE what their future home could look like! And a vacant house  will appear smaller than a furnished one....staging helps maximize the space! 

TO THE RIGHT:  A simple table, accessories and  artwork turned this dull dining room into a comfortable gathering place!

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REALTORS, THE STAGING INDUSTRY WAS CREATED TO HELP YOUR INDUSTRY! Did you know that 25% of buyers contact a stager before hiring a realtor? Give Sweetgrass Home Staging a call or email us so we can make your home surpass the competition! 

TO THE LEFT: This room was vacant, but now with furniture and accessories, you can envision sitting in front of the cozy fireplace with family and friends. 

Info about the Owner

More than a decade of staging experience

The owner has more than a decade of experience staging homes, and she prefers staging vacant ones. "I can stage any property, but prefer staging vacant homes, because you start with a clean slate." 

ABOVE: Pleasing little table setting with some Carolina flair. 

Boujee Fresh Floral Designs

    Sweetgrass Home Staging has partnered up with Boujee Fresh Floral Designs to tie in that extra homey feel that fresh flowers can create.  Who doesn't love Boujee-Full Arrangements in their home?!?

You can find them on social media by searching:

FB @Boujeefreshfloraldesigns

IG #Boujeefreshflorals

Or email to order

How does staging benefit realtors?

Using a stager helps you turn listings more quickly and beautiful listings are a reflection on you! 

      - AND - THE AVERAGE COST OF STAGING IS LESS THAN A PRICE REDUCTION! No one wins with a price reduction. Get MORE with staging!!  ABOVE: Don't forget about curb appeal - a porch with accessories  adds interest and dimension. 

Testimonials and FAQs

Kudos for Kimber!

Sweetgrass Home Staging did a fantastic job on both of my homes! One was 8 years ago and we had so many people coming through with incredible comments, it was awesome!
Now that we are having to move again and Kimber has it all started, I want to stay! I look around and can't believe this is my house! Again, lots of appts to come see the house and great comments. It will, no doubt, sell quickly!

                  Dorene R., seller

"The home was very well set up and the design fit the home and neighborhood perfectly. It had a 'beachy, but sophisticated' feel that really appealed to the buyers for that area (Charleston) and price point. They could truly envision seeing themselves in the home. It had just the right amount of furnishings that made it look clean and livable, and not cluttered. The color scheme was inviting and exciting! The overall energy of the home was just what a prospective buyer wants to see in a house. Great job!" 

                 Scott Baskin, Keller Williams Broker

                 MBA, SRS, Realtor, Mt. Pleasant, SC

"Kimber's zeal for each project was clearly apparent....she possesses a keen eye for color and object placement, as well as utility and project was too tough for her to tackle. She is a flexible worker w/ all of her home projects, ultimately providing great results for her clients.

                  J. Allen, Contractor

"I was immensely impressed with the staging of my house by Sweetgrass Home Staging. The furniture selected made the rooms seem larger and brighter, and Kimber was such a joy to work with. She was professional, concerned and caring. Excellent job, Kimber!" 

                 T Gaither, seller

WORDS OF WISDOM:  "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” - Mark Twain

Helpful Staging Tips

With leaves starting to fall, (especially if you've had a dry summer), don't forget to maintain your yard. Although it's extra work to rake leaves, a well-kept yard is attractive to buyers.  

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q. Who typically pays for staging? 

A. Although it is more common for homeowners to pay, sometimes realtors will pay for this vital service. Sometimes homeowners and realtors will split the cost.


Q. How long does it take to stage a house? 

A. With Sweetgrass Home Staging, LLC, it will take a minimum of 2 hours. Why not make a nomimal investment, giving your house the best opporutunity to sell quickly and for more money?  

Q. Will you use my furniture or does a company provide that? Will I be able to view any furniture  before it is put into my house?

A. Depending on the situation, most homeowners have the necessary furnishings in their home. However, there are instances where fresh furniture is required. This is provided by a furniture rental company or by Sweetgrass. If a client insists, the furniture can be viewed by them in person. AND furniture used to stage a house can be purchased if the buyers or sellers like it!


Q. Do you do anything regarding curb appeal? 

A. In short, yes. Most home exteriors just need some sprucing up. If the yard/exterior is in need of a major 'redo,' a professional landscaper/contractor may be warranted. Unless the house has been neglected, this is usually not the case. You want your house to look amazing on the outside so that buyers will want to see the inside. 


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